How I got my foot in the door…

footcakeWe all know the challenges of finding work and getting potential employers to take notice.

A couple months back, I was in contact with an employer who told me there would be a contract position available soon. After a very positive initial interview we exchanged some encouraging emails but the start date remained vague. After a couple of weeks and an un-answered email, I decided to do something that would get their attention.

I quickly got to work in the kitchen, baking a foot- shaped cake. After covering the whole thing in fondant icing, airbrushing it with food colour, adding a severed ankle bone made of icing and some red icing blood, the gruesome treat was ready for delivery! Just for a laugh, I also attached a note reading, “Just wanted to get my foot in the door”. I also described the delicious cake they would enjoy. Needless to say, the foot-cake was very well-received and achieved the desired result.

More proof that thinking outside the box will often yield positive results. And further proof that cake is awesome, but did we really need more proof of that?

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